My name is Tracey Lewis and I run “The Barkery” here on the East Cape. We sell wholesome, nutritious home-baked treats and snacks for your pets through local retail outlets and markets.

I live in La Ribera but I’m originally from the U.K. My husband Mel, myself and our 2 rescue dogs Harvey & Myah came to live in the Baja in April 2012.

When we lived in England I always baked treats for my dogs at home as I found that the commercially produced ones were full of fillers, preservatives, derivatives etc which provides no nutrition whatsoever. When we came to the Baja I continued this practice and developed the idea of selling the treats to local dog owners – hence “The Barkery” was born. I use only fresh lean meats and natural ingredients to provide low-fat, high protein cookies. I also bake fresh liver into a cake which is a real winner! 

Whilst in England I also ran local dog obedience classes and agility training
classes. We were called Newton Dogs and would travel locally to fairs and 
retirement homes to put on “shows” of our dogs’ tricks and agility. It was lots of fun for everyone, which is why I am delighted to be part of the Baja Kennel Club and planning the next dog show in Los Barriles.

I am available at all times for agility training and obedience classes on a weekly basis. Dogs love fun & exercise but most of all they love to please their owners ( especially if they get a yummy treat in return)!!

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at  

Tracey Lewis

The Barkery Agility Training